Monday, September 24, 2007

this is a review i did for my friend richard's music blog, i love richard, one time betony drew a skull on his arm while me and chris ate the rest of their delicious expensive breakfasts.


I met Grant Jonathon Gronewold in Sydney after he'd been travelling for at least 15 hours in a car with two other pals of mine. He'd consumed and indescribable amount of Coca Cola and was delirious from lack of sleep but he still lit up my living room with his excitable stories, bursting with childlike fervor, telling me about things that I hadn't heard but probably should have. Grant makes music under the name Fulton Girls Club. He also had two of the best ideas I've ever heard, but I can't tell you about them. This is the first of three posts about a few of his favourite songs, at the moment at least.

"Shoot my television walk out doors and explore with the innocence of kids aged four" - Edan

The song starts with a psyche jumble crash sound, like a mix of peddles and old samples and then from someplace mysterious and shadowy there is the "hey joe" bassline, this is the main rhythm keeper throughout the first sequence of the song. under Edan's vocals is a sweet vinyl crackle (snap and pop!) controlling and distorting them are delay and reverb, after the first three word cycles it all melts down slowly with a science fiction sounds flavour (out of the lab and the spaceshuttle and the forests of Shoalin and the dungeon of a mad genius in a rainbow coloured lab coat) and the sound moves in stealthy with a reverse drum beat, a slow build, rewinding a video tape, then DROP! Mr Lif hits it with hard horror images and in the background a crash pop bomb from the 60's (I hope, who can tell from time with all this wonderful chaos going on?), reverse the tape, play straight, keep it moving, Lif, don't touch that, the image is building and like Edan said earlier, it stretches like oxygen and infinity, I close my eyes and see a great kaleidescope vision, constellations, deep quantum theory, eerie calico colour schemes shoot out like laser beams and if you look quick! there is a shadow, like in the Wizard of Oz, and behind all the smoke and colours and mathematics we see the form of a skinny dude and wild hair-do, hands held out in front making complex incomprehensible movements, tying together theories and pictures with a funny concentration, the string is where the genius is though, Edan has a type of impossible string that can tie anything together, these ideas aren't new, these sounds aren't even new, but with Edan and his magnificent string, everything seems re-arranged in a new kind of vision, a new kind of cool. for the Saturday morning kid still yawning shaking off the dreams somebody is gonna try and tell him are stupid later in his life, the dreams about mad science and cartoons and infinity and doing something cause you think it's cool and not because somebody told you too, I wanna thank Edan and his "intense imagination" and his magnificent string.

"When God took a day off I had him laid off" - Mr. Lif

Sunday, September 16, 2007

i made a girl who liked me leave me alone, so now i'm alone again. too sick for all of that closeness with somebody. i don't feel a part of anything tonight. i'm alone in the universe even if other people are thinking about me, and even if i think of them.

i worked on making this into a book tonight, i like the way it's looking, i am handwriting it, my hands are funny tools i think.

so little to tell everyone and i can't figure out how to do it anyways. music seems to be failing me in alot of big ways, after the big tour i might quit, but i have to go back and learn.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

i saw my own self walking around at night and the sky looked like a picture someone had taken of ink and hung it over my head and i was connecting things, drawing thin cotton lines from one to another, making up constellations with powerlines and television ariels and black holes and small pockets of eternity.

we can all be funny little gods like in greek stories if we get away from eachother and go into the night, and if you see me while you are making up the diagrams for your own universe, pretend that you didn't and somehow, beautifully, or ideas will smoosh into one and create a galaxy that is always in a kind of flux and flow.